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Pandemic Highlights Nonprofit's Push for Compassionate Healthcare

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A little compassion goes a long way.

Something we’ve seen make a big difference during the difficult times of this pandemic.

With the health of our families top of mind, there’s a local group hoping patients and providers will continue to see the benefits of compassionate care.

“In everyday life, whether it be in the library or the grocery store we all want to be treated with compassion,” said Middlesex Hospital’s Radiology Chairman. He said this sympathy for another’s situation is vital in a healthcare setting.

He’s the executive director of “The Patient is U”—a nonprofit preaching just that, that all patients should be treated like you were treating yourself or a loved one.

“And in health care when you’re sick, you’re sick or scared or have problems with COVID, all the more this is very important,” said Crain.

During this time of high stress for healthcare workers, “TPIU” said taking that extra minute to connect not only benefits the patient.

“What I remember most all these years later was not the medical care, that was a given I expected it, but I remember the compassion and kindness with which I was treated,” said Carol Loehmann, a patient representative for The Patient Is U.

But it also boosts the practitioners, too.

“The doctors who promote compassionate care have less burnout,“ said Crain.

What are the best ways to advocate for compassionate care for yourself or a loved one?

Crain said do your research on providers and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

And with Christmas fast approaching and the potential for families to be separated by sterile walls, he suggests folks, “ask questions and find out how their loved ones are doing, see what they can do to interact with them.” Like Zoom calls, perhaps.

In the meantime, for the so many who are already doing this tiring work on the frontlines, TPIU thanks you.

“I think health care workers are doing an amazing job, but we have to continue. Let’s face it, compassion is a wonderful thing in all walks of life,” said Loehmann.

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