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Rocky Hill Relaxes Mask Requirements

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You can’t leave your house without your wallet and keys, and in many communities, you have to bring your mask as well.

But some municipalities are scaling back on their face covering requirements.

Rocky Hill is one of a handful of towns making changes to their mask policies.

The town manager told NBC Connecticut the town has put the decision of who masks up back in the hands of business owners as the town sees a decline in infection rates.

Although, visitors to their municipal offices will still need to wear a face covering.

Stylists at Gugliotti’s Salon in Rocky Hill are thrilled to see their client’s faces again.

“Like I needed to see features, like if they want a certain haircut or a certain color,” said hair stylist Samra Talalovic.

“Especially a first-time client, how do I know how you really feel if I can’t read your facial expression? It’s a huge deal in our industry,” said hair stylist Sarah Cheesbro.

The salon had to trim some of the services they could provide when the town issued a mask mandate for everyone inside public spaces back in August, regardless of vaccination status.

They no longer could offer lip wax services and beard trims or cleanups too.

“I don’t have a huge male clientele, so beard trims didn’t affect me too much, but it affected other people here at the salon,” said Cheesbro.

Masks are still required in Hartford where Gugliotti’s has another salon, so this will require some of the stylists to mask up when they switch locations.

But those we spoke to are just happy to be open, after pandemic closures kept their chairs empty for weeks, “Whatever at this point. Honestly whatever we have to do to keep things running smoothly, we just do it,” said Emily Noble.

Down the road, Town Line Diner in Rocky Hill is learning about the change too.

Raquel Moreno has been serving up customers there for five years.

She’ll still be masking up after what’s been a tough year and a half, “I still wear mine just because I don’t ask if you’re vaccinated or not, and you’re eating. You might get pepper in your nose, sneeze, cough. So I’m just scared, just to bare on the side of caution.”

With business tough to predict these days, Moreno said she’ll do anything to make customers feel comfortable, “We have a big, huge dining room, so there’s lots of room. I spread people apart.”

Like a good haircut, the stylists here want their clients to feel comfortable too, so they’ll mask up if that’s what they’d prefer,

“If it’s a client by client basis that’s fine, if I see them walking in with it on, I’ll put mine on so they don’t have to worry about anything,” said Cheesbro.  

“It’s just nice to see smiling faces again for sure,” said Noble.

Despite the changes, Rocky Hill’s town manager urges folks on the town’s website to get vaccinated and practice the 3 Ws:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Watch your distances.
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