Single-Use Plastic Bag Tax Goes Back Into Effect in Conn. Today

If you're heading to the grocery store today, make sure to bring your own bag or be prepared to pay.

The 10-cent single-use plastic bag tax goes back into effect today.

Conn. Governor Ned Lamont issued the executive order to suspend the state's plastic bag tax in March. His hope was to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus to protect not only shoppers, but store employees, too.

The suspension of the plastic bag tax put a halt on generating revenue and the state lost about $200,000 to $300,000.

The commissioner of the state Department of Revenue Services said safety was and remains a priority.

According to the Connecticut Food Association, the state's Department of Health has determined there isn't a health risk if you choose to take your own bags.

Customers who take their own bags are advised to sanitize them after each trip by using sanitizing wipes or by putting them through the washing machine.

The tax also affects takeout orders at restaurants, as well.

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