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State Updates Reopening Guidelines for Businesses

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The state Department of Economic and Community Development, which is overseeing the reopening of businesses in Connecticut, issued updated guidelines for specific industries Thursday.

A number of non-essential businesses now have the right to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask, according to the latest DECD guidelines.

The guidelines on personal protection for customers in retail businesses now state:

  • Customers are required to bring and wear masks or cloth face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth, unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to a medical condition.
  • For essential businesses, a mask does not need to be worn if an individual has a medical condition preventing them from doing so.
  • For non-essential businesses, an owner has the right to refuse service to an individual not wearing a mask.

DECD is also recommending businesses implement a "24-hour passive decontamination" when an employee tests positive, while also following CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting.

In restaurants, servers are no longer required to wear gloves, under the new DECD guidelines.

Hotels may now offer non-essential services and amenities, like valet parking and ice machines, DECD said.

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