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Teachers React to Reopening Plans in New Survey

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Only 16 percent of Connecticut educators would prefer returning to full-time in-school learning in the fall, according to a new statewide survey released by the Connecticut Education Association.

In the survey results from 16,000 educators, 16 percent would prefer to return in the fall, 39 percent support a hybrid approach and 46 percent favor continued distance learning, according to the CEA.

“We need to listen to the concerns of our educators, parents, community members, and health experts during a life-threatening pandemic,” said CEA President Jeff Leake in a press release. “We can’t expect to reopen our schools in a usual fashion, especially as new evidence demonstrates that school-age children ten years and older spread the virus as readily as adults.”  

Almost 100 percent of teachers want schools to require students to follow CDC recommendations on washing hands, as well as having sanitizer available throughout the building and mandating social distancing, the survey results showed.

The CEA said 90 percent of teachers support required mask-wearing for both students and teachers with a majority saying it will be very difficult for students to keep masks on all day.

Connecticut leaders announced a new plan to improve students' access to technology as schools debate the possibilities of in-person learning in the fall.

More than 90 percent of elementary, middle and high school teachers all said in the survey that it will be challenging to have children following social distancing guidelines.

The full survey results can be found here.

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