UConn Announces Quarantine of Students Living in Off-Campus Apartment

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The University of Connecticut announced that students living in The Oaks on the Square apartments will now have to quarantine for 14 days following an increase in cases.

According to the university, there is a COVID-19 outbreak at the apartment complex which they say warrants increased medical intervention.

The governor's chief of staff, the state Department of Health and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference are meeting this morning to discuss how to safely hold school sports and the meeting is happening this morning after the governor called for the meeting.

Student Health and Wellness, the Eastern Highlands Health District and Mansfield town officials determined it was best to quarantine UConn students living in the apartment.

All students living in The Oaks on the Square will now have to self-quarantine until the university sees a decrease in the rate of transmission, the university said.

In a letter sent to UConn students living in the apartment, officials said the uptick in cases is believed to be caused by close contact and keeping less than six feet distance, with or without a mask.

"While we understand the deeply-seated need for human connection and the excitement of spending time with friends, during a pandemic those interactions come with significant risk," the letter reads.

Taylor talked to Mark Ojakian, President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, about what they are doing to keep everyone safe on campus.

Students living in the apartment complex will have to take classes virtually until they are released from quarantine, officials said. The only time students will be allowed to leave their apartment is for solitary activity or to obtain groceries or take out, the university said.

The university is urging anyone experiencing symptoms to get tested and medically evaluated. Students can call 860-486-4700 to speak with an advice nurse.

UConn said three more on-campus COVID-19 cases were reported since yesterday.

There are currently 32 positive and suspected on-campus cases, according to the university. There have been a total of 113 confirmed coronavirus cases since mid-August.

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