UConn to Implement Furlough Days For Some Managers Amid $50M Budget Shortfall

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Facing its biggest budget deficit in history, UConn will furlough managers for one day per month without pay in a cost-saving measure.

UConn president Tom Katsouleas notified non-union managers of the furloughs in a letter dated on Friday, June 19.

"While we have taken steps to ameliorate this by implementing hiring and spending restrictions, advocating for relief through the CARES act and Heroes Act and seeking state assistance, we still forecast a shortfall of more than $50 million in the best case scenario for the coming year," Katsouleas said in the letter.

The furloughs will begin in July and continue through the 2021 fiscal year. The school is also canceling merit pay raises for most non-union managers.

The measures apply to the Storrs, regional campuses, and the law school.

Managers will be furloughed for one day per month, which works out to be a pay cut of just under 5% annually, according to Katsouleas.

Mangers in senior leadership roles, including Katsouleas himself, will be furloughed without pay for two days per month, or a pay reduction of about 10%.

Katsouleas said the COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe financial hardships for the university and those will be compounded by the fact that UConn will need to limit the number of students on campus in the fall to help keep the virus from spreading.

President Katsouleas also said that similar measures will be coming to the UConn Health System.

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