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Wait Times for COVID-19 Testing Clinics Soar as Cases Surge Ahead of the Holidays

In Meriden many have been waiting in lines for hours to be tested for COVID-19.

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Many Connecticut residents got an early start this morning to be tested for COVID-19 with the hopes of bypassing lines.

In Meriden, many had been waiting in lines for hours to get a test, including Jose Rivera.

Rivera said he’s feeling fine but his wife was near a friend's husband who tested positive so he doesn’t want to take any chances.

"It’s crazy out here but I don’t care. The time is important but it doesn’t matter how long I wait. I just want a sense of relief" Rivera said.

The lines in Meriden are similar to others around the state. 

The state said they’ve increased the number of testing sites by 33-percent in the last two weeks and are working to add more sites.

Caitlin Lapia arrived nearly an hour before the testing site opened after her three children were exposed to students in their class who tested positive for the virus.

"I mean this really stinks. I’m not happy to be doing it. We were going to be visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and I have my grandmother down there and I can’t bring my kids there if they were exposed to someone without knowing if they are negative," she said.

John Marchand traveled from Cheshire with his family to receive a test after being turned away the day before.

Marchand, whose son-in- law tested positive for the virus several days ago, said being in quarantine has a way of turning your life upside down.

"My wife and I are not tech-savvy, so this week we’ve learned to use Venmo and Peapod. We got a few friends to drop off supplies, but it does cause a bit of chaos" Marchand said.

Marchand is adamant on getting tested and has this message for anyone planning for the holidays, "This thing is getting out of control, so stay home this year."

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