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New Haven Mayor Announces COVID-19 Executive Order for Businesses

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New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and top health and economic leaders from the city provided a COVID-19 update Thursday afternoon, including a new executive order centered on businesses and COVID-19 protocols that will go into effect Monday. City officials also addressed the plan to distribute a coronavirus vaccine once it is available.

The city's health department has developed a mass vaccination plan and said it will be distributed in several phases, starting with first responders and health care professionals. The plan has been submitted for review by the state, city officials said..

The city will be making additional announcements on different phases as vaccines become available.

Elicker announced Thursday that he will sign an executive order Thursday afternoon that will go into effect on Dec. 7 and it sets policies for businesses to adhere to in order to remain open during the pandemic and keep employees safe.

The mayor said businesses will be required to report any COVID-19 cases to the health department, to have a return to work policy that adheres to CDC guidelines, health screenings, leave policies and sanitation policies, which also will need to be posted.

Elicker was joined by community services chief Dr. Mehul Dalal, heath director Maritza Bond, economic development administrator Michael Piscatelli and economic development corporation executive director Ginny Kozlowski.

Yale New Haven Health system leaders said they are preparing for a possible December spike in cases.

Elicker has asked the state to rollback from Phase 2.1 to a modified Phase 1 to help contain the virus.

"I think phase 2 is not enough. I think we have to be clear that any place where people are congregating without masks is a problem right now," Elicker said in mid-November. "There is community spread we’re seeing cases all over the place and when people have more opportunity whether it’s restaurants or salons or wherever where they’re not wearing a mask it’s a real problem."

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