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Conn. COVID-19 Positivity Rate Lowest it Has Been in Over 3 Months

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Connecticut's coronavirus positivity rate reached a low not seen in three and a half months at 2.32%, according to state officials.

Out of over 43,000 tests performed since Wednesday, 1,003 came back positive.

Hospitalizations decreased by 39, bringing the state's total to 731, which is the lowest number of hospitalizations since mid-November.

An additional 28 COVID-related deaths were reported. The state's COVID death toll is now 7,354.

On Wednesday, the state's COVID-19 test positive rate fell to 3.1%.

Vaccine Status in Connecticut

A total of 580,432 vaccines have now been distributed to people in Connecticut.

Of that number, 417,644 are first doses and 162,788 are second doses.

Of the 75 and over population, 61% of people have been vaccinated.

Today is the first day that Connecticut residents between the ages of 65 and 74 are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine. So far, 13% of people in this age range have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Former Associate FDA Commissioner Peter Pitts breaks down five critical healthcare lessons that have come from the COVID-19 pandemic and explores why many of those lessons have fallen on deaf ears.

The state remains at number 4 nationally in terms of vaccine distribution.

The governor said the state will receive 69,000 first doses of the vaccine next week for over 300,000 people who are newly eligible.

NBC CT went to one local mass vaccination clinic to see how the first day went of eligibility for residents 65 and older.
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