Windham Switches to All Virtual Learning Today After Rolling Back to Phase Two Reopening

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Over the weekend, Windham became the first "Red Alert" town to roll back to phase two of reopening and now, the town's schools are switching to all virtual learning starting today.

The decision to switch to all virtual learning is being made because Windham is one of the "Red Alert" cities and towns in the state. A town is under a "Red Alert" when it has at least 15 new daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 population.

Josh Geballe, the Chief Operating Officer for the state of Connecticut, spoke with NBC CT's Mike Hydeck about the state's new localized COVID-19 Red Alerts.

In a letter to parents, the superintendent in Windham said switching to all virtual learning was "the best decision for the health of the community."

Previously, students were engaged in hybrid learning. Now, students will do distance learning for the last two weeks of October.

Parents, students and teachers are preparing to switch from hybrid classes to all virtual on Monday as coronavirus cases surge in Windham.

The distract has had 15 cases since reopening in August, but the superintendent said overall the virus is not being spread in the schools.

The school district plans to review health data again next Thursday and will make a plan for November.

Windham becomes the first town in the state to rollback to Phase 2 of reopening.

Besides Windham, the communities currently under a "Red Alert" are Canterbury, Danbury, East Lyme, Griswold, Hartford, Montville, Norwich, New London, Preston, and Sprague.

Residents in COVID-19 "Red Alert" areas are asked to limit trips outside their homes and avoid gatherings with non-family members. Communities will be asked to cancel public events and limit community gathering points. In addition, the state recommends postponing all indoor activities in those "Red Alert" locations.

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