Woman Uses Bucket Lift to Say Hello to Stepdad in Canton Nursing Home

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A Riverton woman found a creative way to say hello to her stepdad at his nursing home in Canton amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lacey Lizzi said her stepfather Arthur has been her best friend since she was 10 and was placed in Cherry Brook Health Care Center in January.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, she visited her stepdad every day.

Last month, Gov. Ned Lamont banned all visitors from nursing homes for 30 days because of COVID-19 and its impact on the elderly.

"It's a big adjustment for all of us and it's very hard now with the epidemic going on. Usually I'm here every day faithfully and it's just heartbreaking," Lizzi said.

Lizzi said a family friend with Sandy Brook Services provided the bucket lift and she got permission from her stepdad's facility so she could creatively say hello to him.

She went on the bucket lift for about 10 minutes on Saturday and held up signs that said things like "hi Pops," "hugs and kisses" and "see you soon."

"I was just concentrating on making eye contact with my dad. He looks good you know, he looks happy and content and it’s just a little peace of mind for today," Lizzi added.

Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, Lizzi said she is excited to hug her stepdad really tight.

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