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Ann Coulter Says GOP Should Have Stuck With Simmons

Ann Coulter, who was recently cleared of voting fraud allegations in Connecticut, is weighing in on Tuesday's election and the heated and expensive Senate race in her native home state.

"Acting as if (Delaware's Christine) O'Donnell's primary victory dashed Republican dreams of taking the Senate was always absurd -- particularly coming from the people who supported a World Wrestling Entertainment impresario in Connecticut and did nothing to help a Republican who could have won that race," she wrote in an article called "We're All Bigots Now!".

Coulter was in support of former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons leading up to the primary when he was in a political cage match with former WWE CEO Linda McMahon

"Republicans had the ideal Connecticut candidate in Rob Simmons, who lost the primary to McMahon," she wrote, "Anyone with the slightest familiarity with Connecticut knew WWE-owner Linda McMahon never had a chance even against Dick Blumenthal, a Democrat so repulsive even The New York Times attacked him."

Simmons went to Harvard, taught at Yale and served in the Army, she said. "He also never kicked a man in the groin for entertainment. But Simmons didn't have McMahon's money, so Republicans went with McMahon."

On Tuesday night Blumenthal defeated McMahon with 55% of the votes.