Malloy Rises to 49 Percent, Foley at 42 in Q-Poll | NBC Connecticut
Malloy Rises to 49 Percent, Foley at 42 in Q-Poll
BY LeAnne Gendreau

Democrat Dan Malloy is moving closer to 50 percent in the race for governor against Republican Tom Foley.

Quinnipiac University released a poll on Friday morning showing Malloy with 49 and Foley with 42 percent among likely voters.

"Democrat Dan Malloy has moved ahead slightly and given himself some breathing room, but there are a lot of undecided voters and voters who could change their mind - and there are almost three weeks for them to decide,” Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz said.

Foley's numbers have not changed from a Sept. 29 Q-poll, but Malloy has gone up for 45 percent.

"Tom Foley's 42 percent share of the vote for Connecticut governor has not moved in two weeks. With less than three weeks to go, the Republican better start moving soon," Schwartz said.

The survey shows 7 percent of likely voters are undecided and 20 percent of people who name a candidate said they might change their mind before Election Day.

Malloy also has a higher percentage of women supporters, 55 - 35 percent. Men back Foley, 49 to 44 percent.

"After the debates and the latest ads, both candidates are better known, but Malloy is better liked. Both candidates have been on the attack, yet interestingly neither candidate's overall image has been damaged," Schwartz said.

You can read the entire poll here.