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Heating Home with Leftovers



    Heating Home with Leftovers
    A Farmington man makes his own fuel using leftover vegetable oil. He transforms the oil from restaurants into biodiesel.

    The price of home heating oil has come down quite a bit but the price is of no consequence to one Farmington man.

    Mike Transue makes a home heating in a garage near his house.

    "It feels great because we're saving money," he said.

    Transue makes his own fuel using leftover vegetable oil. He transforms the oil from restaurants into biodiesel.

    "Instead of spending all that money on filling our oil tanks, we said we'll invest in this system and start collecting waste vegetable oil and making our own fuel," Transue said.

    One of his weekly stops is George's Pizza and Restaurant in Unionville.

    "I had seen and heard some stuff about it on the news and I had read about it in school, but I never knew it was something that was so local. I thought it was something that (was) happening somewhere else," said owner, George Psaras.

    He now routinely hands over the used grease from his chicken wings. The bonus is, he no longer has to pay for the waste removal and he's doing something to help  the environment.

    "For me, it's great. I mean, the more green we can be, the better for us," Psaras said.

    After the cost of chemicals required to produce the biodiesel, Transue determines it runs him 50 to 60 cents a gallon produce.
    "It's really neat. The first time when you turn on the oil burner or any time it kicks on, that's something we made. We made it. We didn’t have to go buy it," he said.

    In the process, he's creating a product that's clean and green.

    "We're helping the environment. We're taking something basically that's been used and discarded and we're reusing it again,” he said.