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Group: Good Parenting Can Accompany Pot

East Bay activist wants to prove that marijuana users can be adequate parents.



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    A Northern California man is founding a group based on a radical premise: He's a father who smokes marijuana -- and that's ok.

    Mickey Martin has begun "Parents4Pot," which strives to prove that cannabis users can be responsible and functional members of society -- as well as marijuana smokers, according to SF Weekly.

    Parents, he says, are made more fearful for using marijuana than other members of society. The fact that marijuana use can be used as a factor to remove children from their parents via child protective services and custody battles doesn't help.

    "I believe there is a powerful message to be shared from parents who use cannabis, and parents of adult children who use cannabis who have been afflicted by this insane prohibition," he told the newspaper. "I hope Parents 4 Pot can serve as a vehicle to propel that voice."