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Vino Finito as Fountain of Youth: Pfizer



    Vino Finito as Fountain of Youth: Pfizer
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    New Pfizer study questions health benefits of red wine.

    Red wine's reign as the new "Fountain of Youth" might be over.  

    Pfizer scientists in Groton, led by Kay Ahn, are refuting a claim that indicates resveratrol, a key component in red wine, can slow the aging process, the Day of New London reports.

    The scientists published the research last month in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, calling into question previous research suggesting resveratrol boosts an enzyme that slows the aging process.

    "Efforts to slow the march of old age with a pill have been dealt a blow," New Scientist magazine reports.

    Philip Norrie, an Australian doctor who has written books about wine and health, said people shouldn't give up on resveratrol or the  health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of red wine.