Cancer Tracking in Connecticut

New Database Lets You Search Health Data

It's a move the Connecticut Department of Public Health hopes will improve your access to important health information.

The DPH has created an online database filled with information about cancer rates in each of the state's counties.  It includes tables and county maps that break down the information, making it easily accessible.  The website allows users to pull data from 1973-2005, and sort it by types of cancer, specific areas, and race/ethnicity.

To search the "Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Connecticut" database, click here

The information on the website has been collected by the Connecticut Tumor Registry, which has tracked data on reportable tumors in Connecticut residents since 1941.  It's also been collecting statistical information on cancers diagnosed since 1935, which makes it the oldest cancer registry in the country.

The site also has links to other useful websites, including the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Program.  The website provides information to help understand the cancer database.  It's also filled with information on cancer incidence and survival across the country.

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