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Hartford HealthCare has reached a huge milestone in the fight against COVID-19. Hartford Healthcare administered its 100,000th coronavirus vaccine Tuesday.  This is vaccine was administered to Juanita Sullins in her home as part of a program bringing vaccinations to homebound patients.

Andrea Griffith, the VP of Operations, Hartford HealthCare at Home explained, “We’ve only been doing this for two weeks but the plan is to support all of Connecticut. We have five regions across the state and, again, over the next several weeks and months, we plan to support all of these patients.”

Keith Grant, APRN, Senior System Director, Infection Prevention for Hartford HealthCare said, “One of the things that we’ve been trying to figure out is how do we get to these communities. So what I can say is we as an institution and I think we as a healthcare system – not just locally but nationally – this is a struggle.”

To learn more about eligibility and scheduling your vaccine, log on to HartfordHealthCare.org/Vaccines

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