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The facts are frightening.

Home medicine cabinets have become the new drug dealer. 
The Department of Health reports that half of teens abusing medicines get them from a family member or friend, often without their knowledge.
More than 20 percent of high school students have taken medicine for a non-medical reason.A Harvard report found that medication was discovered in a network of 139 streams in 30 states including: antidepressants, blood thinners, heart medication, hormone therapy and painkillers.

The reality is, old prescription drugs cause all sorts of problems, from abuse and addiction to contaminating our water supply.

What should I do? 

Join our crusade to keep prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. Please — dispose of them RXesponsibly. Some medications can be disposed of safely when mixed with an approved additive in a drug deactivation system, something endorsed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Be sure it is scientifically proven to deactivate drugs.

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