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Primo Spears is back…

The Windsor junior is back in the headlines. Back in the game…making it all the way to the Playoffs!

But behind this promising basketball star is another team… a team that never gave up on him, even when other experts said he’d never play basketball again.

In August of 2017, Primo jumped for a block… and fell hard. In that instant, life would change forever.  It was a devastating injury— his elbow basically shattered.

Dr. Kevin Burton, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hartford HealthCare Bone and Joint Institute, had to determine a treatment plan – replace or repair.  The decision—replace or repair would be the difference between playing and not playing.

Primo will tell you, basketball is his life. Much more than a game, this was his ticket to college—and directly tied to his future.

Primo and his father found the one place that could offer him everything, from emergency trauma care, to follow up surgeries and a super-specialized rehab program— the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute.

While doctors worked to repair the bones—and ligaments, the rehab team worked on agility. They worked to distract him—to help him focus on recovery… not what he lost.

Meanwhile Primo—kept his eye on the ball.

18 months after that devastating injury, he’d be back—and better than ever. Physically and emotionally.

The making of a champion— No matter what stands in his way.

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