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Our Brownstone medical outpatient clinic is a beacon unlike any that exists across the state, which addresses some of the INEQUVITIES in healthcare. When any of us need a medical specialist we are usually in a position to call any specialist's office directly or obtain a referral from our outpatient physician to see one. That is not the case if one is uninsured or receive care under state sponsored health insurance. It could take weeks or months to obtain an appointment with a specialist if one is lucky.

Brownstone has always addressed this inequity; something each of us should take a lot of pride in .... The specialty clinics at Brownstone, where many of the specialists you and I have the opportunity to see in their private offices, offer their services in over 30 major specialties and subspecialties of medicine. Specialties treated at the Brownstone include heart and vascular, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, urology and the HIV clinic.

 Under the auspices of our CANCER OUTREACH PROGRAM we have provided (per year) 1800 mammography & 500 Cervical cancer screenings to women and 1200 prostate screenings for men 700 Colorectal who would not have access to such cancer screenings otherwise. We have recently completed screening of 700 high risk patients for lung cancer using low dose lung cancer screening using CT scans.

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