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In November, 2019, ground was broken on a plot of land on the Hartford Hospital campus. Just shy of two years since its groundbreaking, the four-story Bliss Expansion building is now built.

It expands the hospital’s intensive care unit capacity by 20 percent, MRI and diagnostic capabilities by 25 percent and operating room capacity by 10 percent. The expansion is home to cardio-thoracic surgery and cardiac intensive care, neurology, and neuro-intensive care, as well as advanced MRI technology.

“We are transforming healthcare,” says Hartford HealthCare CEO Jeffrey Flaks. “Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, do it with higher levels of excellence, and make it more equitable. This building represents that higher level of care. This is the future of medicine. This is a huge step forward and it enables us to think and dream bigger.”

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