Fizzy Fundraiser Fights Breast Cancer

Connecticut company and cancer initiative combine to sell soda and raise funds

Bright pink soda. Don't be alarmed by the color, it's all about the message -- it's for a good cause. 

New Britain-based Avery’s Beverages is going philanthropic and working with the CT Breast Health Initiative to raise money through the sale of the odd-colored carbonated goodness. 

It's called “Drink Pink: The Breast Soda in Town,” is helping raise cash for breast cancer research.

Joan Cushing, a survivor-relations representative from the health initiative, told the New Britain Herald that her organization got the idea when the soda company came out with Barack O’Berry soda.

One given when Avery’s started collaborating on the health initiative, was the color. It had to be pink, the company told the newspaper. The label has a tree with a pink ribbon around it.

But there was choice on the flavor. They picked pink passion fruit and a little lime. That sounds pretty good, right? It goes with the pink and it's a flavor that will appeal to a lot of people.

Pink soda is not the most daring step the company has taken with its carbonated concoctions, which always seem to stand out. Avery’s recently came out with a glowing green “Stimulus Soda.” Green to represent money, of course.  

Then there are the “Gross” sodas. The gross comes from the name, not the flavor. Swamp Juice is fruity, Dog Drool Soda is orange-lemon and Kitty Piddle Soda is orange/pineapple. 

You can get more normal-sounding sodas like diet cola, grape and root beer if you want to be more traditional.

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