Making a Commitment to Cut Back

Couple Loses Weight Together

Every week the NBC show "The Biggest Loser," chronicles the struggles of individuals trying to change their lives and change their weight.

One Connecticut couple can relate.  Before making a marriage commitment to each other, they first vowed to lose weight.

"The way I look today is what I thought I looked like when I was wearing a size 22 or 24," said Kelly Bourque of Manchester.

 Now, several months later, Kelly Bourque is sixty pounds lighter and 10 sizes smaller.

She and her now husband, Marc, had tried plenty of times in the past to lose weight.  But a wedding finally seemed to be the event to sustain their willpower.

"I kept saying, I'm not going to be the heaviest person at my wedding so that was a petty big goal," she said.

"Me, it was more for my health than anything.  I was really starting to get out of breath just going up stairs," said Marc Bourque.

The couple enlisted the help of Dr. Aaron Curtiss, a Southington Chiropractor, who prescribed a twelve week detox plan.

He says so many of the foods we eat are full of toxins and unnatural ingredients.

"Those things just get stored they're not broken down they're not changed they're just chemicals within your body that your body doesn't know what to do with so it actually stores it as fat most of the time.  We clean all that out," said Dr. Aaron Curtiss.

The plan consists of eating fresh non-processed foods and exercising.

Uconn Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterologist, Dr. Joel Levine, says eating a healthy diet and exercising are a good way to maintain a healthy weight.

However, he does not agree with the idea that the body needs a detoxifying diet.

"In point of fact, the concept of toxicity and that unless you do this something bad is going to happen to you is really suspect,” said Dr. Levine.

For Kelly and Marc the effort evolved into a lifestyle change that has lasted.  They're eating healthier and exercising routinely.

They say it is working in large part because they're doing it together.

"That was big help.  Whenever one of us wanted to stray away the other one would push each other.  It worked out really well," said Marc.

He has lost eight pounds; she has lost forty, equaling 17 ½ inches off Marc’s waist and 15 ½ off Kelly’s.

By the time they reached their wedding day last month, they had reached their goal.

"I have to say that was the happiest day of my life it was better than I expected it was a magical day,” Marc said.

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