Oil Vey: The State's First to Define ‘Virgin' Olive Oil

State declares what's in a 'virgin' oil.

The International Olive Council -- yes, there is an Olive Council and it's based in Madrid -- has been pushing for this move for a while:  Connecticut has become the first in the U.S. to set standards for that culinary staple. 

Now, in a nutshell, olive oil can only be sold as "Extra Virgin" or "Virgin" if it contains no other substances, such as peanut oil.

The state Department of Consumer Protection began working on the issue two years ago, after a Norwalk importer complained.

The state sent some low-priced oils to a lab and discovered they contained significant amounts of soybean, hazel nut and peanut oil.  Those could pose a serious health risk to people with allergies.

There have been no reports of death, but Commissioner Jerry Farrell says his office has heard of people who've suffered adverse reactions.

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