Shedding Light on the Need for a Cure

One of the most difficult trials of parenthood is to see your child sick.  It's something a Westport mother has lived with for four years. 

Seven-year-old Harrison Zuckerberg, was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was three years old.

"We would always get questions what is type 1 diabetes?  and well, that's OK because Harrison is thin and he's young and he'll outgrow it and people don't realize type one diabetes, you don't outgrow," said Harrison’s mom, Courtney Zuckerberg.

"It means my pancreas doesn't make insulin so I have to give myself insulin," said Harrison.

He also has to test his blood sugar level every two hours.  Additionally,  everything he eats must be carefully monitored.

"It's just something that's always there.  It's never something that's not on your mind,” said Courtney.

It was Harrison's idea to sell the luminaries as a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

"When people drive at night they would see the luminaries and ask their friends, what's with the T-1 luminaries," Harrison said.

Courtney says it’s a disease so frequently confused with another disorder, type two diabetes.

To clarify the difference between the two types of diabetes, they lumniary bags also included fact sheets about the disease

"We've received hundred and hundreds of emails from everybody and every state all across the United States," Courtney said.

She estimates the luminaries have raised about $10,000 for the JDRF.  It’s money that will hopefully shed light on a cure for the disease.

The lights were illuminated on November 5, Harrison’s birthday.

"Harrison keeps reminding me, mommy, this year it was the us, next year it's going to be the world,” Courtney said.

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