No Whining About Swine Flu in Waterbury

Just use soap and water, folks.

Three people killed in the swine flu pandemic were residents of Waterbury, and while health officials say it's just a coincidence, people don't want to take any chances.

"I wash my hands, keep myself clean, use disinfectant all the time, any place we go, " said Roger St. Pierre.  "We've got some in the car."

Indeed he did.  It's the essential accessory these days in Waterbury, where one out of every 15 Americans who have died so far from swine flu lived.

"How did it get here?  Why? What's going on? It's scary," said Jean Denza.

"I stay home.  I wash my hands all the time." she said.

Waterbury's seen a six-year-old boy, a woman in her sixties, and a woman in her forties, all with chronic health problems, felled by swine flu.

"I'm a little concerned because I have two daughters in Waterbury," said Richard Galanti.  "I'm nervous for their safety and everything and my health and my family's health and the general public."

He says he washes his hands frequently.  So does William Belletsky.

"I wash my hands three or four times a day," he said. "As soon as I touch something when I'm out at a bar or restaurant I wash, just like that."

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