Healthy Women Live in Southern CT

Women in southern Connecticut seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.  In a recent study, five cities and towns in this region of the state ranked among the healthiest areas in the country for women.

Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk are grouped together as the sixth healthiest metropolitan area for women, according to Self Magazine.  Last year, the area didn’t even make the list.  

Women here have better access to gyms/health clubs per capita that the average and the rates of rape and car death are low.  Also, the region is among five areas with the lowest rates of migraines.

Hartford, West Hartford and East Hartford, are collectively ranked 12, up from 13 last year. New Haven and Milford was edged out the top 10 this year, down from 9 in 2007 to 14.

Not all’s rosy here, however. Women reported low levels of social and emotional support, the drinking rate is above average and there are 40 fewer days of sunshine than average.

The Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick, Md., area took the top spot on the list.

The magazine said the list was determined by analyzing roughly 8,000 bits of data in more than 50 categories, including death and disease rates, environmental indicators, community resources and lifestyle habits. 100 places are ranked.

In Hartford, West Hartford and East Hartford, dental health is ranked among the top 10. There are more than 55 percent more gyms per capita than average. What is doesn’t say is how many women are going.

There were some negatives.

The area is among the 10 most plagued by migraines. Women here are 15 percent more likely to contract heart disease and the sun shines less here than other places – 25 fewer days than average.

Rapes in New Haven and Milford are reported 65 percent less here than the average. There are about 70 percent more ob/gyns and internists per capita and the two-town team has one of the lowest migraine rates. 

Hitting the gym more and a turn around in the economy might improve the ranking. The exercise rate is below average and the unemployment rate is higher than average. Like, in Hartford, West Hartford and East Hartford, are 15 percent more likely to have heart disease.

Find out who else ranked high and low.

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