Young Athletes and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When you lace up your tyke's sneaks to go play with the neighborhood kids, their ticker may be furthest from your mind.

(Don't worry... The chance of your kid suddenly dying is similar to the chance of them being struck by lightening.)

But research shows that of those who went into cardiac arrest, many could have had their cardiovascular disease detected with an ECG. 

Scientists in Minneapolis studied the medical records of over 1,800 young adults.  In the big scheme of things, fewer than 100 athletes died per year from heart-related issues, which led researchers to suggest the current practice of physical exams is sufficient.

For comparison, take Italy.  Athletes are required to undergo heart scans before participating in sports.  And the fatality stats are fairly similar.

Not to sound like a prescription drug ad, but it should be noted that about 30% of cardiovascular abnormalities would not be detected by standard ECG screening.  Consult your doctor.

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