The Cure to Cutting Your Appetite: Raisins

A UConn study finds new health benefits from shriveled up grapes

Looking for a snack that will reduce bad cholesterol and decrease your appetite? A University of Connecticut study says, consider raisins. 

The school's department of nutritional sciences studied 34 people between the ages of 50 and 74 who ate raisins daily.

Researchers found the raisins decreased bad cholesterol and the hormone that causes hunger.  Also, study participants who walked regularly while including raisins in their diet saw a drop in their triglyceride levels.

“One of the things people can take away is sometimes doing small changes in your diet can bring benefits,” said study author, Professor Maria Luz Fernandez.

"I guess if you eat like a handful of raisins a day it's a good idea.  You can eat them with your salad, your oatmeal or just as a snack."

One cup of raisins provides an additional ten grams of dietary fiber and three grams of soluble fiber to a person's diet.  Raisins also contain something that may interfere with cholesterol absorption.

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