Ways to Reduce Your Heart Risks

One in four women in the U.S. died of heart disease last year.  But changes in your lifestyle can reduce your chances.

There are five simple things you can do:
  • Be physically active:  Try for at least two and a half hours of exercise each week.
  • Don’t smoke:  If you’re a smoker, try to quit. If you are having trouble quitting, there are products and programs to that can help.
  • Eat healthy:  Try to eat more fish and poultry.  How about broiling or baking your food instead of frying it?  Instead of whole milk, drink skim or low-fat. When you’re reaching for that bowl of cereal or dish of pasta, try whole wheat or whole grains.
  • Maintain a normal weight:  Being overweight can raise your risk for heart disease.  Healthy food choices and physical activity are important to staying at a healthy weight.
  • Drink in moderation:  If you drink alcohol, limit it to no more than one drink a day.
Lastly, know your numbers. We’re talking about blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. The lower your numbers, the lower your risk for heart disease.
We found answers to some frequently asked questions, here.
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