10 Arrested in Middletown Narcotics Sweep

A narcotic sweep in the north end of Middletown resulted in ten arrests on Wednesday.

The Middletown Police Department’s Street Crime/Narcotics Unit had been conducting controlled purchases of illegal drugs from suspected dealers in Middletown from April to June.

After surveilling numerous street level dealers who had become targets in the investigation, police were able to obtain 15 arrest warrants.

As a result, the following ten people were arrested:

Kelwood White, 42, Olga Scharborough, 40, Troyd Hunter, 51, Keon Belfrey, 33, Jose Ramos, 26, Denzel Teart, 24, Jiquane Collins, 22, Geoffrey Rios, 19, and Luis Ramos, 47.

All 10 people arrested are Middletown residents and were charged with conspiracy to sell or the sale of narcotics among a list of related charges.

The investigation is still ongoing and additional arrests are expected to be made.

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