100 Naugatuck Teachers Put on Notice

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Insecurity and frustration in Naugatuck after the Board of Education told 100 non-tenured teachers that they could lose their jobs by September.

"There’s not enough to begin with. Our kids are going to shorted on their education.  They need to find another way if they’re going to cut things they don’t need to cut teachers," says Roger Gully of Naugatuck.

Superintendent John Tindall-Gibson sent out non-renewal notices to 100 of the towns 400 teachers. The letters said there was a chance they wouldn't be coming back next September.

The reason is money.  Schools are expecting a $56 million budget next year which falls a whopping $7 million short of what they need.

Another plan the board has to save money is to reconfigure some its schools and that could mean the closing of Salem School and Prospect Street Elementary School.

Joelle Morgan spent her early years at Prospect, as did her daughter.  She doesn’t want to see it close but says the kids of Naugatuck are facing big problems, "it’s frustrating because our kids need this, they need an education. I was talking about this, this morning how they need more books they’re not getting books for some classes."

The teachers union issued a statement saying, "obviously teachers are taking this exceptionally hard. To get a letter like that is devastating to anyone but at least they’re getting advanced notice to prepare."

The final decision will be made after the mayor's office issues its final budget in May.

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