11 Brides Scramble After Waterford Venue Shuts Down

The owner of a wedding venue in Waterford said he had to cancel on 11 brides after the town shut down his venue.

Two cease and desist letters were sent to the My Little Ladies Farm and Design Co. on Old Colchester Road in Quaker Hill.

One letter said wedding ceremonies, receptions and baby showers are prohibited in the residential district.

The second letter said mechanical, plumbing and electrical permits were never obtained. 

My Little Ladies Farm and Design Co.'s website says the venue fits up to 150 guest comfortably for a wedding and touts the convenience of bathrooms and air conditioning. 

The owner, Kyle Stoddard, said he is working with the town to come to an agreement.

"We are terribly sorry for all of our brides and grooms to be. But we are working with the town on the problems. I made a mistake through paperwork and zoning and building. So we are working with the town, and have a very good relationship with the town, and hope we can rectify these problems as soon as possible," Stoddard told NBC Connecticut.

Waterford's first selectman said someone had made a noise complaint during a wedding held at the venue. 

Not all neighbors see the events held at the building as an issue.

"I have no clue why anyone around here would complain," Peter J. Campagna, a resident in Quaker Hill, said.

Campagna said Stoddard and his wife kept him in the loop of their plans to host weddings. Old Colchester Road already has heavy traffic, and to him, the noise is not an issue.

"It brings life to our community. It brings people around," Campagna said.

Bride Allison Horvith, of West Hartford, told NBC Connecticut the Stoddards are doing right by her. The couple was very apologetic and will refund her deposit.

The first selectman said it will involve lawyers and the zoning board for the owners to be in compliance with the city. The process could take at least six months to a year.

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