12-Year-Old Describes Moment He Realized There Was a Burglar in His Home

Police said officers first responded when they received a 911 call from a 12-year-old, who reported that someone was in his North Quaker Lane home rummaging through cabinets and drawers.

A 12-year-old boy who called 911 when he realized there was a burglar in his West Hartford home said he knew something was wrong, but his nerves didn’t stop him from taking action.

“My heart was definitely racing the minute I called 911,” Ben told NBC Connecticut.

Ben was home alone at his house on North Quaker Lane when he heard suspicious noises around 6 p.m. Monday.

“Normally I hear like a greeting. Like, hi Ben we’re home. But I didn’t this time. So I waited two seconds because I’m not taking any chance,” he said.

Ben was right to be cautious. There was a burglar in his home, who took off with a backpack, according to police.

“I heard the front door opening and then closing. I didn’t hear anything after that. I thought I did so I ran back into my room. But I didn’t actually see anyone,” Ben said.

While police responded, the suspect was targeted another home on nearby Auburn Road. The owner of that home spotted the suspect and confronted him before he could escape.

His mother Anna Riley said she is grateful to police and to that neighbor who stopped the suspect before officers arrived.

That suspect, 36-year-old Andrew Harris, appeared in Hartford’s Superior Court Tuesday afternoon facing multiple charges of burglary, risk of Injury and larceny.

“Just scary. This doesn’t really happen in our neighborhood At all really,” Riley said. She was taking her daughters to piano lessons at the time of the break-in and her son was home alone.

“He said that he stayed upstairs until the police came. He said ‘I waited until they knocked on the door and said police. And then I went downstairs,’” she said.

As officers arrived to investigate Ben’s call, police received a second report about the situation on Auburn Road. The resident had pinned the suspect to the ground as he tried to escape and police took him into custody.

“My kids were like, he tackled him, he’s hard core! So, grateful to him and to the police For responding,” Riley said.

The homeowner on Auburn Road, who declined to go on camera, said he was outside at the time when he saw Harris leaving his house.

Police recovered the backpack stolen from Ben’s home.

In court it was revealed Harris does have a criminal record and drug problem. A friend of Harris’ who was in court said the situation was a misunderstanding. Harris is expected back in court October 8.

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