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Large Pumpkin Breaks State Record at Durham Fair



    There is a new record-setting pumpkin in Connecticut and it's a whopping 40 pounds bigger than the previous record holder.

    Ken Desrosiers, of Broad Brook, started growing the pumpkin at the end of June. Day by day, he's meticulously recorded its growth by setting up a camera to take photos of it every 15 minutes.

    The weigh-in took place at the Durham Fair on Wednesday evening, where dozens of pumpkin growers brought their large gourds to compete in the annual event.  Desrosiers' pumpkin weighed in at 1487-½ lbs.

    The top three contestants with the largest pumpkins took home cash, equal to $1 per pound of their pumpkin’s weight. The smallest pumpkin at the fair weighed in at 87 lbs.

    Watch the State's Biggest Pumpkin Grow

    [HAR] The Largest Pumpkin In Connecticut History
    Ken Desrosiers, of Broad Brook Connecticut, took home first prize at the Durham Fair for growing the largest oumpkin in Connecticut history. View the time lapse video of the pumpkin growing, which only took a little over 2 and 1/2 months.
    (Published Monday, Sept. 26, 2011)

    While Desrosiers' pumpkin set a state record, he is a few hundred pounds shy of the world record for the largest pumpkin, which weighs 1810 lbs.