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Long Lines Form for Gas

Drivers in towns that have no power are heading to nearby communities for gas.



    If you are running low on gasoline, or your tank is close to empty, you are not alone.

    Long lines are forming at gas stations that have power at the pumps because many other stations do not.

    In Hartford police are keeping order at a gas station near Airport Road in Hartford so no one cuts in line.

    The majority of Middletown has lost power, like several other towns, so residents are driving to nearby towns to try and find fuel.

    Gas Lines Grow After Storm

    [HAR] Gas Lines Grow After Storm
    People are waiting hours to fill up with gasoline as stations begin to run dry.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 31, 2011)

    In Cromwell, the lines were creeping down the street on Monday morning.

    Most gas stations get a shipment at least once a day, but the demand is so high that it is running out as more drivers wait in line to fill up gas tanks and generators.

    “I got 31 cents at the other station before it ran out,” Kurt Peterson, of Durham, said, so he had to wait in line at another gas station.

    As Gov. Dannel Malloy took an aerial tour on Monday, he noticed backups, including a half-mile line outside a gasoline station in Wolcott, Keith Phaneuf, of the Connecticut Mirror, said.

    Malloy urged consumers to remain patient and to remember that the problem is electrical service and not a fuel shortage, according to the Mirror.

    "I think everyone has to understand it is not a problem of getting gas to the stations that have power," Malloy said. "Deliveries are being made."

    If you do not need gasoline, Malloy asked people to avoid the lines.

    Attorney General George Jepsen put pricing controls in effect Monday to keep people from being gouged at the pump, according to Malloy.  The price controls will remain in effect until Nov. 7.

    We asked on Facebook where there is a gas supply and there have been hundreds of comments.

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