14 Arrested in New Haven Prostitution Sting

New Haven police arrested 14 women on prostitution charges during a sting focused on the city’s illegal sex industry.

The operation took place Tuesday evening and focused on sex workers in the Fair Haven and Dwight – Kensington neighborhoods, police said.

Police said that the illegal sex industry is generally indirectly connected to other crimes and that sex workers often become the target of abuse, assault and sexual assault. Police hope that the crackdown will discourage sex workers from continuing the risky practice.

“We are hopeful that those arrested will avail themselves of social services available through the courts. We don’t want to keep arresting the same people” said Detective Lieutenant Herbert Johnson in a release.

Police said the stings are ongoing and they are looking now to charge the Johns, who paid for sex.

The following subjects were charged with prostitution.

  • Monica Woodward, 27, of New Haven
  • Gerrica Nichols, 25, of New Haven
  • Jessica Hernandez, 39, of New Haven
  • Jyreete Greene, 32, of New Haven
  • Antoinette Neal, 24, of New Haven
  • Brenda Martinez, 45, of New Haven
  • Jade Olsen, 32, of New Haven
  • Roxanne Raccio, 55, of New Haven
  • Jennifer Ballester, 33, of New Haven
  • Leila Rivera, 49, of New Haven
  • Teresea Mercer, 50, of New Haven
  • Joanna Rivera, 39, of New Haven
  • Dorothy Miller, 59, of New Haven
Kelli Spencer, 36, was also arrested on drug possession charges.
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