21 Fatal Plane Crashes in Connecticut Since 2004


The National Transportation Safety Board has investigated several fatal plane crashes in Connecticut. There have been 14 since 2010, according to NTSB records.


  1. July 12: One person was killed in a plane crash near Robertson Airport in Plainville. Authorities have not yet released the pilot’s name. 


  1. Feb. 22: Pablo Campos Isona, a 31-year-old student pilot from East Haven, was killed in a crash in East Haven. 
  2. April 18: Robert Plourde and George Richard Janssen II were killed in a plane crash shortly after taking off from Skylark Airpark in East Windsor. 
  3. April 24: Joseph Tomanelli, a 56-year-old Cheshire doctor, died in a crash at Meriden Markham Airport. 
  4. July 30: Mark Stern. 63, died in a plane crash near Danbury Municipal Airport. 
  5. Aug. 11: Anthony Morasco, 57, of New Milford, was killed in a plane crash in New Milford. He was a flight instructor at Arrow Aviation in Danbury, according to his obituary. 
  6. Sept. 16: NASCAR champion Ted Christopher, 59, and the pilot, 81-year-old Charles Dundas, were killed in a plane crash in North Branford.


  1. Oct. 11: Feras M. Freitekh died in a plane crash in East Hartford. 


  1. Aug. 9: Four people were killed when a plane crashed into two houses in East Haven. Former Microsoft executive Bill Henningsgaard, of Medina, Washington; his 13-year-old son, Maxwell; and two children in one of the homes, 13-year-old Sade Brantley and her 1-year-old sister, Madisyn Mitchell, were killed in the crash. 


  1. July 26: James Seaver, 51, was killed when his plane crashed at Robertson Airport in Plainville. 
  2. Nov. 19: Former Connecticut residents, Donald Derocher, 73, and his wife, Josephine Derocher, 74, who had retired to Florida, crashed in Canton while flying to attend the funeral of Donald Derocher's father. Both were killed in the crash. 


  1. June 10: Peter P. Bendzlowicz of Wading River, New York, died in a plane crash in Westbrook. 
  2. Oct. 10: Peter Woodsmall, 61, of Kansas, died when a plane crashed into a neighborhood near Danbury Airport. 


  1. Jan. 13: John Foster, 50, of Bethesda, Maryland, was killed when a plane crashed into a power substation in Oxford. 
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