14,000 to Lose State Medicaid Benefits

Starting Aug. 1, more than 14,000 adults on Connecticut’s Medicaid program, Husky Connecticut, will have to find new healthcare providers. 

The enrollment period will close after sixty days.

The change comes from state budget cuts made last year in an effort to save money in the face of a mounting shortfall.

Previously, households of at least two adults earning up to $32,000 were eligible for Husky benefits, but as of July 1, that figure has been reduced to $25,000 for a two person household.

Children on Medicaid are not affected by the changes.

One group working to keep as many people covered as possible is Community Health Centers across Connecticut.

Nemanuel Martinez is certified to help people sign up for health plans ranging from Husky to all kinds of private offerings on Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance marketplace.

He’s worried that the people who have to sign up for coverage are doing so for the first time and aren’t familiar with the responsibilities involved.

"Along with the premium there’s copayments depending on the plan that they choose and enroll with," Martinez said. "There might be a deductible. So it’s a lifestyle that they’re going to have to get adjusted to."

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