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15 New Recruits to Old Saybrook Fire Department

Old Saybrook Fire Department welcomes its largest recruitment class since 1924.



    15 New Recruits to Old Saybrook Fire Department
    NBC 5 News
    Old Saybrook Fire Department adding 15 new recruits to its Probational Firefighter roster.

    The Old Saybrook Fire Department is proud to welcome 15 new probationary firefighters. 

    The group of recruits includes 12 men and three women, all of whom are residents of Old Saybrook, which is a requirement to be in the department.

    Three of the 15 are already certified firefighters from other departments and several others have experience with fire departments or are emergency medical technicians.

    The uncertified recruits will begin a state firefighter 1 certification course in February. The course is about 160 hours long and will complete before the start of summer 2014.

    The 15 recruits add to Old Saybrook’s Probationary Firefighter roster of seven, totaling 22 members in training. This is the largest group entry since September 1924 when 38 members started the organization.

    The 15 recruits include Ryan Constantine, Chris Denison, Edward Devaney, Christopher Distefano, Steve Goodstine, Tasha Lathroum, Edwin “Ned” Loiselle, David MacNeill, Porter Moore, Josh Painter, Megan Pennington, Greg Pereira, William Robbins, Oscar Shippee, and Sheri Smith.