15 Waterbury Mail Carriers Hurt on the Job Since January

More than a dozen Waterbury postal workers have been hurt since January thanks to winter weather, which has made for slippery conditions, blocked-off mailboxes and rambunctious dogs.

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, 15 mail carriers in Waterbury have suffered on-the-job injuries over the past three months.

Although most of those injuries are attributable to ice and snow, three postal workers suffered serious dog bites caused by cooped-up pups who rush out of the house when children on vacation come to the door, the USPS said.

The other dozen workers who were hurt slipped and fell on snow and ice while trying to deliver mail.

The potential for injury isn't the only challenge postal workers face in the winter. Mounting snowbanks and unshoveled walkways block access to mailboxes, preventing carriers from making their deliveries.

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