15-Year-Old Suspect in Watertown Home Invasion Tried as Adult

The 15-year-old who police said is one of the two people responsible for the home invasion that injured an elderly woman in Watertown late last month will be in court today, where he will be tried as an adult.

Divontaye Canady has been charged with assault, larceny and kidnapping with a firearm.

When Canady appeared in court last month, his mother was by his side as his public defender entered a not guilty plea. The family declined to comment outside court.

“He’s gonna get sent away to jail, you know, for what? For assaulting an old lady," said the victim, 87-year-old Alma York, after seeing the court appearance on an afternoon newscast.

York was assaulted and robbed in late October inside her Watertown home.

She told police she answered the door on the right side of her ranch-style home. The suspect asked to rake her leaves, but she declined, saying she didn’t need it. Then he asked to use her cell phone, and that’s when York says she was attacked.

"He pounced on me and pushed me down," she said, illustrating with her hands.

She said now she's going about business as usual, although today that included a trip to the doctor. York recalled the moment during the robbery when she says an earring was ripped out of her ear.

“The plastic surgeon is going to take this lump off my ear," York said excitedly.

Although the situation left her a little on edge, she said after living in England through the Second World War, she's been through worse.

“I’m more careful when I answer the door now than I used to be," York said with a laugh.

She said she hopes the young man accused sees the error of his ways.

“I just feel sorry that he had to go and ruin his life at such a young age. And I just hope that it taught him a lesson, and he’ll think twice before he does anything like that again.”

A 17-year-old was also arrested in the case. That suspect's name has not been released.

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