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1,500 Volunteers Give Back for Quinnipiac University's 10th Annual ‘The Big Event'

Hundreds of volunteers from the greater Quinnipiac community came together for the university’s tenth annual day of service called The Big Event.

This year, 1,500 Quinnipiac students, faculty, staff and alumni spent their Saturday giving back.

Katie Wilcox-Smith is a 2019 Co-Director of the decade old tradition.

“The big event means so much to me, because I get to see firsthand how great college students can really be,” Wilcox-Smith said. “This is the one time a year that the entire Quinnipiac community can come together. There’s nothing like it.”

Volunteers spread out across 87 sites all over the state.

It’s freshman Finn Ruane’s first time participating.

“Giving back to this community, it’s what’s important as a university,” said Ruane. “You take these opportunities to kind of get out and see a bit more of the world apart from academia.”

Lianne Audette is the groundskeeper at Edgerton Park in New Haven. She says she looks forward to this day, and the extra help, every year.

“They’re getting me off to a flying start that’s kind of like grunt work. The kids are great, they talk they have fun, and they take it seriously,” she said.

University President, Judy Olian, says watching students do good in the world makes her proud to be a part of the bobcat family.

"We have an obligation to the community, we are proud of what Quinnipiac stands for in terms of generosity and caring and the great engagement that this embodies," she said.

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