16 Additional Charges Following Middletown SWAT Incident: Police

Middletown Police

A man has been charged with 16 additional weapons-related counts following a SWAT incident in Middletown on Nov. 19.

The Middletown SWAT team responded to a home in Middletown in connection with a firearm theft investigation.

Authorities said they responded to a home on Newfield Street after obtaining a search and seizure warrant for the home of 49-year-old Matthew Springman. He's accused of stealing several firearms from another home.

The area of Newfield Street was temporarily blocked while the warrant was executed, however Springman left his home and peacefully surrendered without incident, according to police.

Officials recovered multiple firearms from Springman's house, they said. He was originally taken into custody on two outstanding re-arrest warrants for failure to appear in the second degree.

During their search of the house, Middletown police said detectives recovered six handguns, eight rifles, 34 boxes of assorted ammunition, and multiple high capacity magazines.

Police said because Springman is a convicted felon and there are limits to his possession of weapons, he was charged subsequently with 14 counts of criminal possession of a firearm, one count of illegal possession of ammunition and one count of illegal possession of a high capacity magazine.

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