16-Year-Old Arrested After Posting Threatening Message With Airsoft Rifle

There will be increased security measures at all Brookfield schools on Thursday after a 16-year-old student posted a threatening message on social media.

Police were called to Brookfield High School on Wednesday morning after three students told administrators about a social media post they saw the night before. 

An investigation found the 16-year-old student posted a photo showing an airsoft facsimile rifle modeled after an AR-15 style rifle with magazines and different sized rounds of ammunition. Police said the caption of the photo was threatening in nature and related to the school day on Wednesday. 

The airsoft rifle and airsoft ammunition are in the possession of the police as the investigation continues. 

No weapons were found at the school.

The student's parents were called to the school on Wednesday and the 16-year-old was arrested. The student faces first-degree threatening, which is a felony charge. 

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