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How a Smartphone App Could Help Police Catch a Criminal



    A Torrington woman is hoping new technology will help police catch the people who robbed her.           

    An app on Julie Stoner's stolen smartphone may have caught the criminal on camera Thursday. She was at Toad’s Place in New Haven a few weeks ago for a church function.

    Someone swiped her cell phone from a table when she walked away.

    "This is not ok; Who goes into a church function and steals?" Stoner questioned.

    Stolen Phone App

    [HAR] Stolen Phone App
    After losing her phone, Julie Stoner realized that it was being used. And she tracked the activity through a website called Dropbox.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 11, 2013)

    Stoner looked up her account and saw someone had used it, but she could not reach anyone when she called. She texted her phone number many times.

    "We had sent texts to them pleading with them, please turn in the phone, please turn in the phone," Stoner explained.  

    Then she made a startling discover on her own computer. Someone snapped a lot of pictures with Stoner’s cell phone. They were automatically uploaded to her online Dropbox account. It is a service for storing photos and videos that Stoner can check from anywhere.

    "There are pictures of these people celebrating their Christmas with their family," Stoner said.

    She printed out the pictures right away and took them to New Haven Police, and hoped they could track down that phone.

    "I can’t afford to buy a new phone," Stoner admitted.

    Julie said a woman in the pictures was at Toad’s Place at the time of that church function, but the suspected thief was still out there.

    "I want them arrested, I want charges pressed against them," Stoner added.

    The pictures could be the key to crack this case, and for Stoner to get that phone back.

    "It's my phone, it's my phone. I paid for this phone it has my pictures on it, and has my contacts in it," she said.

    If you have any information on this case call New Haven Police at 203-946-6321.