2 High School Students Used Twitter to Cyberbully: Cops

Police said the Twitter account made harassing and demeaning comments about Watertown High School students.

Watertown police have arrested two high school students accused of using Twitter to cyberbully dozens of other students.

Police got involved after several students and parents complained about an anonymous Twitter account being used to make harassing and demeaning comments about around 40 other students.

It mentioned an association with Watertown High School and some Tweets included sexual and homophobic language, police said.

By the time police were notified, Twitter had already shut the initial page down, but it was not over.

The two students had gone on to create another page and continue the harassment, police said.

The investigation went on for months, police said, and included working with Twitter.

Police obtained several search warrants and found the people suspected of posting the comments.

In June, as the school year was ending, police arrested the students and charged them with breach of peace.

Both students are due in Torrington Juvenile Court.

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