2 Moms Host Baby Formula Pick Up Day in Collinsville With Donations From Community

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The baby formula shortage has left families scrambling across the country. Here in Connecticut, there are efforts to help parents in need.

Two moms in Collinsville held their first baby formula pick up day on Saturday. They had been gathering donations from the community and now they've created a hub for parents to know exactly what's available.

"We have a Google Doc form. You write your name, where you're from, your baby's age, any allergies, if they have one and then your first choice and second choice formula so as we read the Google Doc and if we see that it was delivered, we can contact them and they come in. So this is day one of the swap or of the pick up and then people are just donating," said Jessica Santucci, the owner of MamaBear Organics.

"Just the stories we've been hearing alone is just enough to break your heart so anything we can do to help, I guess," added Holly Anderson, an organizer of the baby formula pick up.

The women said they knew there was formula out there somewhere, even if not on store shelves. They only started gathering donations on Wednesday and have received more than 100 so far.

If you'd like to donate, you can drop off items at the MamaBear Organics store at 122 Main Street in Collinsville Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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